Green purple moving boxes are a better option

Let’s be honest, moving sucks! There are so many things to worry about between old houses, new houses, utilities, moving companies, moving trucks, and the last thing you want to worry about is finding cardboard boxes.

Fortunately, King Tote can help your move suck less!

Comparing your box options

Cardboard boxes

People usually default to cardboard boxes when moving. However, if you’re looking for a durable moving box that is guaranteed to keep your belongings safe, cardboard isn’t the best choice. And if you’re looking for something that is environmentally friendly, forget about it! Cardboard boxes have to be put together, they aren’t strong and oftentimes damage your stuff when they are crushed by heavier boxes. If you are storing them for a longer time period they are easily damaged by water, and can be easily chewed through by mice. Not only that, but they are bad for the environment. Although moving companies believe cardboard makes a good ‘green’ option because they are technically recyclable, the truth is, only about 60-65% of cardboard moving boxes ever end up being recycled. That’s right, millions of pounds of good cardboards boxes end up in the landfill. Which is what cardboard companies want, because they get to keep making and selling more boxes. Manufacturing cardboard demands a lot of earth’s natural resources. If recycling or caring for the earth is important to you, but you want to use cardboard, find used cardboard boxes. Visit grocery and liquor stores, ask friends if they have cardboard boxes that they aren’t using. Just make sure you recycle them when you’re done or give them to someone else to use for their move.

Reusable plastic boxes

When it comes to green moving boxes, it doesn’t get much better than reusable plastic boxes that are 100% recyclable. Although they require resources in order to be produced, like cardboard boxes, they can be reused again and again. Because they are made of sturdy plastic, they won’t warp or break, and they can’t be damaged by water. The problem with using plastic for green moving boxes is that they are expensive. In addition, they can be nearly impossible to get rid of after a move. In order to solve this problem, some companies provide plastic moving boxes for rent. Boxbee offers green moving boxes at affordable prices that are based on the number of rooms in your home. Prices start at just $79 for the first week of use for a one-bedroom home. See the Boxbee moving box pricing here: Rental Pricing When you rent boxes, you don’t have to drive around town picking them up or getting rid of them either. Boxbee offers free delivery and pick up services when you use their green moving boxes. Not only can you feel good because you’re reusing the boxes, but the boxes are made out of recyclable materials. When Boxbee can no longer rent out some of their green moving boxes, the company recycles them.

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