The best moving box, ever.

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When you rent totes, we plant trees!

Not only does renting totes save trees from being cut down to make cardboard, but through our partnership with One Tree Planted, we actually plant a new tree each time someone rents totes from us. You win, we win, and most importantly, mother earth wins!

Big in capacity, and bigger in impact.

We have to cut down trees and use water to make cardboard. Unfortunately, only about 70% of cardboard boxes actually end up being recycled. That means the other 30% end up taking up space in the landfills. The good news is reusable moving boxes can help reduce a lot of this waste.

boxes eliminated
trees saved
gals. of water
lbs of waste

Some benefits of renting boxes.

  • Delivered to your door

  • No tape or assembly required

  • Attached lid can withstand hundreds of pounds

  • Strong ergo-handles and reinforced bottom

  • Easily pack and stack

  • Uniform size makes packing and organizing quick

  • Trip(s) to store to purchase

  • Tape/tape gun needed

  • Assembly required

  • Careful packing to fill box so they don’t break

  • Bottom or handles rip out

  • Careful stacking so they don’t crush

  • Different sizes and shapes make packing truck difficult

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