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You are influential, great at building relationships, an even better communicator, and good decision-marker. You can lead and motivate others around you, and help everyone become better.


You have experience starting or running a business and know the inherent risks of doing such. But you’re comfortable betting on yourself and your ability to grow the business.

Passion & Drive

At the end of the day, your success is up to you. Successful franchisees are driven by setting and obtaining measurable goals. Without passion and drive, it is unlikely you will be successful.

Frequently asked questions.

The franchise fee is $10,000. This includes licensing to use our name and logo, as well as access to our proprietary business management software and marketing materials.

Anywhere from $20,000-$40,000 depending on inventory, location, and a few other factors.

King Tote Franchisees pay 5% each month (gross sales minus sales tax) for the franchise royalties. There is currently no national advertising fee, though this will change in the future.

Maybe. It depends if we already have a partner in your area and whether or not we feel like the population would set you up for success. If you are interested complete the application and we will be in contact.

Yes. It is possible, however as you grow the business you will likely need to dedicate more time or hire someone to manage the day to day.

Not right now, though that may change. You will need a truck, van, or trailer to transport the totes, and we require that it be in good order to represent our brand and company. In some instances that might mean a wrap or graphics.

Each tote is vacuumed, wiped clean and sanitized between every use. Usually this is done by hand, or we can purchase an industrial washer if you want to increase your investment significantly.

This is 100% up to you. The good news is you don’t need a store front. We recommend you get some warehouse space where you have room to stack them, clean them, and easier manage your inventory. Though, this could also be done in a storage facility, or potentially your home/garage if you have enough space.

Each case is different, but once your location is approved and you sign the Franchise Agreement it will be 3-6 months.

This depends on you and how much time and effort you put into growing the business. We can’t make any guarantees or promises related to franchise performance.

Yes. Complete the form lower on this page and we will send you one.

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