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King Tote

  • No Assembly Required

  • Reinforced Plastic Walls

  • Attached Lids & Handles

  • No Tape or Packing Paper


  • Assembly & Tape Required

  • Bubble Wrap & Packing Paper Required

  • Ripped Handles & Broken Bottoms

  • Crushed Boxes & Broken Things


A few 5-star reviews

Easiest move ever! Loved that we didn’t have to tape a thing. They even brought labels and we didn’t have to worry about removing them when we were done. Didn’t have to worry about bugs that live in cardboard boxes that you collect from different places. So easy to stack. We saved time, room, and money!

Liz Thibault

This was one of the best services I’ve used in a long time. King Totes dropped and picked up the totes from both locations. The totes are strong and sturdy and I will definitely use King Tote next time. Thanks again for great service.

Adam Mitchell

This is service is a life saver. Moving is all about the preparation beforehand and having these totes and getting them delivered made my mover so much easier.

Nora Anderson

This made moving my house much easier than any of my previous moves. Simple to get the Totes, They drop off, They pick up. Nothing Breaks, Your stuff is MUCH safer in these crates vs flimsy boxes. I will absolutely use this service again when moving in the future.

Light Moksha

King Tote was SO convenient! Our experience was so positive and the totes motivated us to just pack and unpack! We loved that the totes were stackable, we didn’t have to worry about taping up cardboard boxes that tend to stack unevenly. I would highly recommend King Tote!!

Ashley Reeves

One of the most amazing services! They drop off the bins, you pack them, unpack at the new destination and they pick them up the next day. No dealing with the hassle of cardboard boxes, tape, assembling, breaking down, then getting them to recycling. I’ll never move without them!

Genie Ratcliff

King Tote made moving much less terrible. Everything packed really well and being able to stack the boxes was awesome. The biggest benefit was that the pickup window forced us to unpack so we’re already feeling at home in our new place. Would recommend 10/10.

Andy Easton

Amazing Grade “A” Service! I will never go back to cardboard boxes. Thank you for the exceptional customer service, punctuality, and flexibility. King Tote is the only way to go! Cost effective and gotta love that they are Eco-friendly. Thank you King Tote!

Ruben Martinez