Why 'Free' Boxes Aren't Free

We all love free things. It’s the best! Samples at Costco, yes please! Buy one get one free shoes or coffee, absolutely! We inherently can’t turn things down when they are free. Especially if the alternative is expensive. Moving is already expensive so why pay for packing materials if you can get them for free? However, “free” can be very misleading, and isn’t always the better option. There are a couple different ways people usually go about finding free boxes.

Box Finding Adventure

You decided you are going to use free boxes for your move. Awesome! We would much rather see this than have them used once and then end up in the landfill. We wish you luck with the adventure, because that is what you are about to embark on. Where will you start? You'll probably get on your phone and post something on social media, or ask friends, family, and neighbors if they have any old boxes. You might start calling local stores to see if they have any boxes, or when they restock their shelves so you can stop by and hope to find some boxes.

You'll jump on Facebook marketplace or the local classifieds to see if anyone is giving away any boxes, and maybe you'll see a listing for free boxes in your area. Your heart will jump! You'll hurry and respond, asking them for the address and when you can go pick them up. If you're lucky you'll be the first person to ask, they will respond and you'll go pick up the boxes. Jackpot! You basically won the lottery.

Or maybe instead of seeing what strangers can provide, you decide you're going to stick with the store option. Calling or stopping by local grocery or liquor stores to ask for their empty boxes after they restock their shelves. This option can be also be successful, and depending on the store, sometimes the boxes are even in better shape than getting them from someone else after their move.

However, with either option you will have to get in your car and drive to a location to pick up cardboard boxes that have already been used. It's not likely you'll find enough boxes on your first try though, so you'll repeat the above for severals days: searching, watching, driving. Maybe you'll get to do it several more times until you have enough boxes to pack your things.

With either option it's still money you're spending on gas in your car to drive around. It's still your time you are spending in your car, driving around. Time that could probably be better spent packing or organizing your house. Time that could be spent figuring out how to get the utility bills transferred, or any number of other things on the Moving Checklist that have to get done before you move.

Like the old saying goes, TIME=MONEY. How much time are you going to spend on your phone/computer searching for boxes. How much time are you going to spend in your car driving to houses and stores to pick up a few boxes here and there? And most importantly, ask yourself, is it really worth your time?

Save Time & Energy

Luckily for you there is a better way. Save your time, energy and stress for more important things than boxes. Take 5 minutes and select a rental package of heavy duty plastic boxes that are delivered to your door step. Don't waste time and gas driving around looking for boxes. Get boxes that are cleaned and sanitized before arriving at your home. Not folded, taped, scribbled on boxes that you have no idea what was inside of. Get boxes that are the same size and stack easily on top of each other, and don't require any packing tape or assembly. Get boxes that the bottoms and handles won't break/rip-out as you try to carry them. Get boxes that won't get crushed when you put another box on top of them. Not boxes that require packing tape, assembly and break or get crushed and damage your belongings. Get boxes that you don't have to worry about doing anything with other than packing, moving and then unpacking.

You could try to use free boxes. Or, you can save time, energy and stress and use King Tote. Select the rental package that is best for you and put our Purple Guarantee to the test. If our purple totes don't make your move easier, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

Rent online or give us a call!


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